THE WELL-CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE: Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Transcription Services for Discerning Clients, KIRSTEN LOMBARD, Wordsmith, Editor & Transcriptionist

THE WELL-CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE: Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Transcription Services for Discerning Clients, KIRSTEN LOMBARD, Wordsmith, Editor & Transcriptionist

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Professional Profile

Kirsten E. Lombard
Freelance Writer, Editor & Transcriptionist

Writing and editing in a host of capacities for more than fifteen years has given me the knowledge and expertise necessary to offer my clients results-oriented documents of all sorts. From grammar and vocabulary to organization and style, I specialize in understanding how readers will understand and respond to what they read. These same language skills have likewise made me a successful audio and video transcriptionist for the last eight years. I am able to work autonomously or in close consultation with others, depending upon project demands. Committed to my clients, I offer them quality work—both on time and on budget.

Skills and Expertise

Language Arts                                                          

Clear, dynamic, persuasive writing of all sorts        
Business, marketing, academic, fiction,                 
    non-fiction, and personal editing    
Audio and video transcription                               
French to English translation                                
Marketing language strategy                               
Customer service communications                       

Computer Skills

MS Office
Data entry and database management
Basic website design and HTML language
Website maintenance and FTP
Internet navigation and research

Experience and Qualifications
My psychology degree from the University of Minnesota gave me a true excitement about the psychological impact of language. I learned that while reading is a reflex, how we interpret what we read is not. I quickly grasped the implications of this fact, becoming passionate in my goal to effectively employ language to target specific reading audiences.

An abbreviated list of the diverse ways in which I have successfully employed my writing, editing, and transcription skills includes:

  • Serving as private consultant to a county supervisor and two local interest groups in diplomatic, persuasive speech for public communications.
  • For the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection: creating all ad copy and press releases for annual guest lecture to obtain consistently high attendance; drafting a policy manual and fund-raising literature; writing research and human interest articles for annual newsletter; exhibition catalog text; editing all collection documents prior to publication.
  • Improving oral and written English proficiency of private clients in Paris, France through demanding summary and argumentation work. Clients included individuals from big business, the airline industry, the French Foreign Ministry, and the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA).
  • In various capacities for Borders Books & Music, composing brief and compelling book and music reviews, enticing food and beverage descriptions, monthly personal reflection piece for customers, and clearly worded policy statements for employees.
  • As curator for a well-reviewed and highly attended exhibition for the Historical Society of Oak Park & River Forest, performing and overseeing historical research and composing all display text and an accompanying catalog.
  • Marketing myself highly successfully to university admissions boards, scholarship committees, and foundations and subsequently using this ability to help others maximize their pursuit of admissions, research funding, and employment opportunities.
  • Transcribing approximately twenty hours of video for a documentary film project on Alaskan settlers during the Great Depression.
  • Writing succinct, engaging historical summaries for use by a landscape restoration team.

My success in a wide variety of writing, editing, and transcription contexts demonstrates my unique ability to comprehend how a document will be used, how an intended reader will interact with that document, and how to carefully and efficiently construct language to achieve an intended purpose. I look forward to putting my extensive expertise to work for you.

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