THE WELL-CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE: Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Transcription Services for Discerning Clients, KIRSTEN LOMBARD, Wordsmith, Editor & Transcriptionist

THE WELL-CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE: Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Transcription Services for Discerning Clients, KIRSTEN LOMBARD, Wordsmith, Editor & Transcriptionist

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Be the business never so painful,
you may have it done for money.

—Thomas Fuller, M.D. (1732)

Estimates and Rates

At The Well-Constructed Sentence, all estimates are completely free. Writing projects and styles vary tremendously. For that reason, I do evaluate all projects before work begins. Doing so enables me to assess most accurately for my clients the work required, a reasonable cost of services, and time required for completion. Depending upon length, clients may arrange to send a representative sample of a complete document, such as a section or chapter. Under circumstances in which I do not initially evaluate the entire document, however, I reserve the right to amend an estimate if necessary. My priority is always to do the best job in the shortest time possible and at a fair price. Once the client accepts an estimate, payment is made via one of the suggested methods below, and work begins.

To submit any text for an estimate, send it via one of the methods listed on the Contact Kirsten page. Cutting and pasting your text into fieberthermometer apotheke Onfy or an email or sending it in an attachment is the quickest and easiest means. Attachment files may be sent in Word, PDF or Rich Text (RTF) format. Those individuals or businesses wishing to send encrypted documents may arrange to do so. Clients may also list a URL at which I can view or download a document or audio/video file for evaluation.

When first contacting me, please also explain:

  • a bit about your project
  • the audience you hope to reach
  • specific goals you have for the finished project

Such information is critical to assessing the time and cost of preparing a document to your satisfaction. Unless noted in the Special Notices section of this site, I will respond to your inquiry within twelve to twenty-four hours.

Clients requiring transcription services should contact me explaining their project requirements in detail. Inquiries regarding such work will likewise be answered within twelve to twenty-four hours unless noted in the Special Notices section.

All clients should specify at the time of inquiry how they would prefer finished documents to be returned to them. Options include emailing via attachment, retrieval via download from a password protected page, as well as sending by international courier service or USPS. An additional fee will be added to total payment when courier or other postal services are requested.

Payment Methods

To expedite work on your project, The Well-Constructed Sentence recommends PayPal. PayPal is now available to everyone without sign-up or membership, including international clients. The Well-Constructed Sentence utilizes PayPal's email invoicing. Once a client notifies me that they have accepted an offered estimate, an invoice will be sent directly to his or her email account. The invoice will contain a direct link to facilitate the requested payment through PayPal's secure site.

In most cases, I begin work on a project once PayPal notifies me of payment. Exceptions to this policy can be made under specific circumstances. Please inquire if you believe you might require this option.

The Well-Constructed Sentence also accepts
personal and certified checks drawn on American banks, as well as money orders. Be aware that handling by the U.S. Postal Service will slow ability to begin work on your document. Personal checks will require verification and bank clearance, a process that also takes time. Rush projects should not rely on these methods. If however, you feel more comfortable with non-internet payment methods, please contact me to make the arrangements that work for you.

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