THE WELL-CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE: Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Transcription Services for Discerning Clients, KIRSTEN LOMBARD, Wordsmith, Editor & Transcriptionist

THE WELL-CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE: Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Transcription Services for Discerning Clients, KIRSTEN LOMBARD, Wordsmith, Editor & Transcriptionist

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About Kirsten

Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade,
 just as painting does, or music.

                           —Truman Capote

Thoughts on Writing

Language is architectural. Engineering must combine with artistry in order to achieve an effective, elegant, and enduring result. The many aspects of written speech—from vocabulary and grammar to syntax and tone—offer the writer tremendous freedom of expression. Managing so many concrete rules and abstract principles at once, however, can also pose quite a challenge. Success requires the ability to apply each of these rules and principles in a manner that fits the task at hand. Context is everything, link. In language, as in architecture, Louis Sullivan’s maxim holds true: Form follows function.

Reading is a reflex, but the way we interpret what we read is not. For any writer two considerations are crucial in determining how to construct language in a given situation. First, one should know in advance the purpose of the final document. Second, one must carefully consider how the reader needs to interact with that document to understand it in the way the writer intends. Even the best elektrolyte bei durchfall apotheke Onfy writers need assistance to obtain desired form in their work and increase its impact. They ask others to read their work and give them feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Informed, objective opinion helps to shape and perfect all aspects of writing. The Well-Constructed Sentence exists for just such a purpose—to make sure that writing accomplishes the precise goal the client has set for it.


Writing and editing in various capacities and contexts for nearly twenty years. I’ve learned how to discern quickly the aim of any written project and maximize its effectiveness. I have worked with students, job seekers, curators, politicians, and citizen groups, as well as professional, semi-professional, and amateur writers. In addition to my paid work in the writing and editing field, I have run weekly salons for creative writers—including poets, essayists, short story writers, and novelists—where they can share their work and receive valuable feedback.

I developed audio and video transcription skills in the early 1990s and have been using them ever since. Transcription, like writing and editing, demands an excellent command of language and careful attention to detail. I have both worked with established systems of transcription notation and devised project-specific methods for individual clients.

A profile containing select, pertinent information about my education, work experience, and skills may be viewed here. An MS Word version is also available for download. References will be supplied upon request. Potential clients are always welcome to contact me with questions.

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When I write or edit for someone, I work closely with them to realize their vision for a project. I don’t consider the work finished until the client is satisfied. Recently, I've made it possible for clients to submit testimonials about the work I’ve done for them. If you’re a potential client, I encourage you to read what others have to say.

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Kirsten's Blog

Rustles & Glimmers serves as a venue for exploring potential change of all sorts. Entries will include topics as diverse as French labor policy, U.S. economics, historic restoration, and forgiveness. Reader comments are welcome!

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