What is flaphone™? Flaphone™ is a free web-based softphone which allows you to make calls from the Internet page. You don't need to download, install or configure anything*. Flaphone™ users can call each other, to SIP phones and to any phone numbers, using SIP providers.

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Hot News

Flaphone updated to support AEC available in Flash Player 10.3

Client-side acoustic echo cancellation support added to Flaphone, it will be available if you use Flash Player ver. 10.3 or higher. Please note that it won’t work with Windows 7 64bit (server-side AEC will be used) due to bug in release version of Flash ...

Fixed support for Speex calls for FP 10.1

After updating to Flash Player 10.1 we’ve found that there were problems with Speex calls - no sound at all or big delay. Now we’ve fixed this issue and you can continue to enjoy Flaphone with new Flash Player ...

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